Labone Castleside New Logistics Partnership

in partnership with Labone castlesideIt is with great pride that this week saw the culmination of a 6 months long project to overhaul the internal logistics operation with the delivery of the newly branded Labone Castleside liveried trailers.

As part of the continuous improvement programme, the management team have investigated the internal process of key areas of the business to see what improvements and efficiencies could be made, one of which was logistics which is a significant overhead to the business.


6-Axis Robot Cells Introduced into Manufacturing

6 axis robot used in manufacturing at labone castleside ltd

Manufacturing plastic injection moulded parts at Labone-Castleside has to date always taken the same route;

– Establish the moulding process
– Confirm part quality and capability to the customer specifications
– Run batches of parts unloaded by 3 axis robots using a pick-and-place process
– Delivering these to operators at the end of a conveyor and assembly processes.


Internal Auditors Achieve IATF16949 2016 Standard For Labone Castleside

Labone castlside internal audit team are presented IATF16949_20116_standard certificates by managing director dawn whittleAs part of the continuous improvement programme, Labone Castleside Limited are delighted to report that seven members of staff have taken part in recent internal auditors course and passed with flying colours.

The course was taken as the companies transitions to the new IATF16949 2016 standard. This is part of the automotive quality management system (QMS) standard and based on ISO 9001. It is recommended by BSI and the automotive industry as a whole, that all organizations currently certified to ISO/TS16949:2009 will need to have successfully upgraded to the new standard by 14th September 2018. (more…)