Every successful enterprise needs a map in order to navigate its journey, a plan in order to plot its future and a vision to aspire to, this is ours..

Our Vision, Goals & Mission.

Labone Castleside Ltd. continue to grow by applying the following in our business.
Our aim is to sustain our position in the supply chain by exceeding our customers reqirements, remaining lean and competitive within the sectors we operate in. We do this through focussing on our people, quality, cost and delivery through our QMS system and new business approach.


Quality : it is essential that we are all responsible for quality and must continually review our actions and seek improvement.

Customer Satisfaction : to become ‘THE’ leading company in the UK for injection moulding and sub-assemblies.

Innovation : continually review a wide range of technologies and where opportunities are recognised appropriate investment will be made.

Cost Competitiveness : provide value by continuously improving efficiency reducing waste and driving cost down without compromising quality.

Teamwork: to enhance the company through support and respect for each other and to operate in an open, considerate and constructive manner. To train and encourage individuals to continue to the development of the team.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Labone Castleside is to remain a profitable company providing full-service solutions based in manufacturing that enhance value for our customers. We are committed to maintaining the consistently high quality and service levels our customers require, at a competitive price, through investment in people and technology.

We will keep our workplace safe for our employees and ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment.

We will ensure we have a sustainable business by treating our customers, suppliers and employees in a fair and ethical way, promoting mutual trust.



Labone Castleside Limited exists to supply plastic injection mouldings and sub-assemblies at a quality level required by our customers. These are delivered to an agreed schedule at a competitive price.

To succeed we believe it is essential that we are all responsible for quality and must ensure the effectiveness of the QMS by continually monitoring and reviewing our performance, seeking improvement when required.

Specific KPI compatible with the quality policy will be reviewed by managers and at quality management reviews.

The quality manuals and related procedures describe the management system in use and the company’s commitment to requirements of ISO9001 2015 and where applicable IATF16949 2016.

Labone Castleside Ltd,
Castleside Industrial Estate,
Co. Durham.
DH8 8HF.